The Bean Gilsdorf Living History Museum in San Francisco, California is the world’s smallest living history museum and a site where visitors may sense the immediacy of the past. Here we interpret the life of Bean Gilsdorf and the origins of her work as an artist on the West Coast of America. In all ways and in all details, the museum provides an authoritative impression of the lived experience of Bean Gilsdorf.

BGLHM recreates reality “to the extent that the image becomes the standard by which reality is judged."1 Visitors can expect an authentic experience filled with period detail and cultural richness. Funded by a generous endowment from our creator, the museum shows life as it was actually lived, in a historically accurate interior setting. The museum is free and open to the public.

The BGLHM is situated in a landmark building a few blocks from the Frank G. Edwards house in the historic Mission District of San Francisco. 

Please note that the BGLHM is now closed.


1. Jay Anderson, Historian & Author